Quirky Houses & Villages


"As a child I loved to draw and paint, and would often paint a house with a pretty garden, flowers in the garden and always a garden path. Sometime a cat would be sat in the garden or I would paint my mother and myself, or my brother playing games in the garden.  There were always flowers, particularly daisies, in my paintings.  My houses nearly always had a fence. 

A few years ago whilst travelling in France and Belgium I saw some houses in a little row. All the roof tops were at different levels and all of them a different colour. All the little doors were bright blues, reds and yellows. 

Suddenly I saw images from my childhood, these houses were just like the ones I used to draw. There was even a little cat sat on the doorstep, the flowers and the fence! 

Cat On A Hot Red Roof
Acrylic Ink
11" x 13½"
Flying The Kite
Acrylic Ink
10" x 10"
 The Little House Ambleside
Acrylic Ink
11" x 14"

Now Which One Is Mine
Acrylic Ink
14½" x 11"

Shopping Day
Water Based Ink
17" x 13"
Party Day
Acrylic Ink
16" x 21"
Naughty Sheep
Acrylic Ink
10" x 7"

I just couldn't wait to paint them and as my husband was driving I naturally had a problem trying to draw and paint whilst on the move.  On arrival at our destination I couldnt believe how quirky and cute these houses looked and my husband loved them!     

I have now been painting these memories and adapting them to real houses that we see in all our villages and towns and I have tried to paint them as I remember painting as a child, simple, direct images.  Gradually, over a period of time the images have evolved in to the slightly quirky, wonky style that seems to work well with the brightly coloured inks that I use."

Please note:  The prices quoted are for unmounted, unframed work.  Please email me on lakelandartist@gmail.com for prices on mounted and framed work and for delivery details.  

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